Increasing energy efficiency through HVAC maintenance.
The CES team, hard at work on chiller maintenance. This chiller was also retrofitted to raise its cost-efficiency and effectiveness.

HVAC maintenance is one of the most important investments you can make in your building. HVAC represents between 35% and 60% of your building’s energy consumption. Because of this, regular service on machines like chillers, boilers, and makeup air units translates into high savings and a lot less worry on your side. These systems are crucial for comfort, and, with our expert maintenance, will become significantly less likely to malfunction when they are needed most.


HVAC Maintenance is absolutely necessary for long-lasting, effective, and cost-efficient equipment.


Complete Energy Solutions assigns a dedicated service technician to your building to ensure your equipment is always properly maintained. You can trust that our team will provide your building with exceptional service. This is in part because we will work closely with key stakeholders to ensure that every job is carefully completed to your satisfaction.

Makeup Air Units

Makeup air units provide fresh, outside air to buildings hallways and common areas. As part of your HVAC maintenance contract, our technicians will change your filters regularly to ensure a clean air flow. This is especially important if your building is in an area that will naturally accumulate dust, such as construction zones. In these cases, you should replace these filters regularly, and may want to upgrade to higher-MERV filters, which can filter out smaller particles.

HVAC Maintenance - Make Up Air Unit
Makeup air units are typically found on building rooftops, as this is the easiest way to distribute fresh air from outside throughout the building.


Chillers are one of the most expensive components of a typical building’s mechanical system. These machines use refrigerants to cool down and circulate liquids to provide cooling to the building. Because of this, it is crucial to perform regular chiller maintenance to ensure that your unit’s efficiency and lifespan is maximized. Especially in the summer months, effective air conditioning is paramount for resident comfort! Fortunately, we can ensure that your chillers are always working at their best.

HVAC Maintenance - Chillers
Chiller units are often very expensive. Because of this, it is important to maintain them as best as possible to avoid heavy repair costs in the long-term.


Your building uses its boilers for its complete heating system, which makes these pieces of equipment very important. Our expertise in total system design enables us to ensure that your boiler plant will always operate safely and efficiently. We want to ensure minimal downtime, and to extend the the longevity of your equipment as far as possible!

HVAC Maintenance - Boilers
Because boilers need to work at high temperatures, frequent maintenance is very important to ensure operational safety!

Complete Energy Solutions excels at the modern HVAC maintenance methods that your buildings’ systems need.

For one less worry, reach out to us anytime to setup a maintenance contract that will keep your systems running smoothly for years to come.

We would be happy to help you to keep your building running smoothly!