If you run a high rise or multi-residential building, utility costs are among the largest components of your operating budget. Fortunately, energy audits are a great way to discover significant savings potential for your property.

Our audits are careful examinations of your building, utilities, and current energy spending. We will make recommendations ranging from small operational changes to multi-year energy plans that gradually improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Small adjustments to your building’s mechanical equipment can lead to huge savings over time!

Ashrae Reports

Our in-house energy management experts will analyze and investigate your building’s energy consumption patterns. Then we will compile comprehensive reports that highlight and recommend key retrofit projects to increase the efficiency and longevity of your building’s systems.

Complete Energy Solutions follow the industry standard guides developed by ASHRAE in all of our Energy Audits. This means we will incorporate a variety of inspections, calculations, and recommendations before compiling them to evaluate your building’s overall energy efficiency.

There are three types of energy audits; ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3:

Level One Audits

A level 1 audit is the first step towards identifying instances of energy inefficiency in a building. Following the audit, you will receive a report containing a walkthrough of the facility, including a brief review of its utility bills and a preliminary energy analysis. This will highlight low-cost measures and potential capital work for improvement. The main purpose of a level 1 audit is to uncover problematic areas in the building.

Level Two Audits

Level 2 audits include and build off of the preliminary level 1 analysis. They also include an in-depth financial analysis of the proposed retrofits and energy calculations. During a level 2 audit, we perform a life cost analysis and examine your utility bills to help evaluate your building’s rate structure. Then we can propose energy conservation measures and site-specific operating cost savings. Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensive report of all energy measures compiled to help better understand the building’s mechanical and operational deficiencies.

Level Three Audits

Level 3 audits are highly detailed. As part of the auditing process, we will install temporary meters on your property, which gives us an accurate reading of the building’s energy usage. Since they use live data, these audits are extremely useful, and are common in large commercial and industrial spaces.

After we’ve completed a comprehensive energy audit, we will recommend customized solutions for your building’s specific needs. In addition, we will submit all applicable rebate and incentive applications on your behalf for free!

Our goal is to maximize the amount of money you receive for your building’s projects, and to make sure those projects are saving you as much as possible.

Case Study:

Energy audits can uncover significant savings in the short-term and long-term.

One of our clients manages a 275-unit condominium that was built in 2007. In 2016, their maintenance fees averaged out to $570 per month, and their annual budget was $1,881,000.

On a yearly basis, the condo was consuming around 600,000 m3 of  natural gas, 2,200,000 kw/h of electricity, and 60,000 m3 of water. This meant that their annual utilities spending totalled around $736,000 — they were spending 38.6% of their budget on utilities.

The condo conducted an energy audit with Complete Energy Solutions, which discovered potential for savings. To this end, we proposed that they could install VFDs (variable frequency drives), an automation system, a CO system for the garage, and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures to address their energy consumption issues.

Because of these findings, the board decided to enact our proposed changes.

The next year, the building’s gas usage was down by 25%, their electricity by 22%, and their water by 20%, saving them $160,920 in the first year — a 21.8% reduction in utility spending! We estimate they will save nearly six million dollars over the next twenty-five years.

Energy audits are hugely beneficial for all high rise buildings!

CES Energy Audits

A CES energy audits is a comprehensive analysis of your building’s energy consumption. Our energy management experts will compile a list of carefully-researched recommendations for your building. These will help to increase the efficiency and longevity of your building’s HVAC (and other) systems while cutting down on utility costs.

Our goal is to make your buildings greener and more energy efficient; energy audits are a great way to start!

Our energy audits are designed to highlight potential savings for your building!

Feel free to reach out to us anytime to learn more or to get started.

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