A valued client in Clarkson needed a retrofit for their building’s chiller unit. Their chiller was over twenty years old, and starting to show some serious signs of its age — noisy vibrations, low energy efficiency, and, worst of all, its cooling abilities were beginning to falter!

Retrofitting your building chiller can be daunting in concept; these units are usually pretty expensive, and require time and expertise to properly install. In cases like these, the old chiller may still be capable of cooling too! Fortunately, however, technology has come a long way towards improving air conditioning and cooling, and this retrofit means our client can look forward to huge energy and costs savings in the long run — and increased comfort in the short run! We are always thrilled to help improve our clients’ portfolios!

Chiller Retrofit – Walden Circle

May 21, 2019


PCC 340


Chiller, Gallery, Retrofit