One of our clients in Mississauga needed a retrofit for their building chiller. As you can see above, just the process of transporting a new chiller is a challenge! This kind of work requires a lot of training and expertise, which are two things our technicians have in abundance.

Retrofitting your building chiller can be a daunting concept; often, these are expensive undertakings that take time and expertise to install properly. It isn’t uncommon for the original chiller to still be in working condition either! But technology has come a long way towards improving chiller models, and a retrofit often means massive savings in energy and costs in the long run. The improved efficiency of the new unit means that residents can enjoy increased comforts, and the building owners can enjoy a quick return on their investment.

Chiller Retrofit – Skymark Drive

April 1, 2018


Del Property Management


Chiller, Gallery, Retrofit